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Working with Words in Business and Legal Writing

Автор: Lynne Agress
Год: 2002
Издание: Basic Books
Страниц: 160
ISBN: 0738205621, 9780738205625
A quick, witty, and comprehensive reference guide to grammar and style for the business writer. Written to help the business person gain a grammatical advantage on his or her competition, Working with Words in Business and Legal Writing is a quick and complete guide to writing clear and concise e-mails, letters, and reports. By using real-world before-and-after examples from her workshop, Dr. Lynne Agress examines and explains the most common grammatical pitfalls in business writing and helps the reader focus on avoiding confusing and incorrect language. Some of the topics Dr. Agress focuses on are: transitional phrases / use of voice; awkward sentence structures; proper punctuation; tone jargon and pretentious prose With special sections on selecting a writing workshop / consultant, communicating over the Internet and editing others' work, Working with Words in Business and Legal Writing provides the quickest way to clear communication for...
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