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Wisdom and Wealth, DVD + Book: Lessons for Faith Communities (Insight Media; Lesson for Faith Communities)

Автор: Greg Womack
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 191
ISBN: 0834123819
Financial wealth may not guarantee happiness?but making the most of what you have as you live the life God has given you will help you find fulfillment and satisfaction that no amount of money can buy. Wisdom and Wealth shows you how to make wise financial decisions and successfully manage your finances as you learn to put your money where your faith is. Combining his experience as a certified financial planner with the time-tested widsom of King Solomon, Greg Womack shows you how to make wise choices, manage your finances properly, and use what you have to bless and serve others. Topics include: Develop a practical plan for your money Avoid financial difficulties and reduce debt Practice simplicity and wise spending Understand investment options Use what you have to bless and serve others Leave a lasting legacy for future generations This resource includes a copy of the book, Wisdom and Wealth: A Christian’s Guide to Managing Your Life and Finances , and a DVD containing six...
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