MS Windows, администрирование

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Windows Server 2003 Network Administration

Автор: Craig Hunt & Roberta Bragg
Год: 2005
Издание: O'Reilly Media
Страниц: 704
ISBN: 0596008007
"Windows Server 2003 Network Administration", the much anticipated revision of O'Reilly classic "Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration", is thoroughly revised and expanded in response to the increasing complexity of the networks supported by Windows Server 2003, as well as the increasingly hostile world in which servers operate. Here, in a single comprehensive volume, you'll find everything you need to understand the protocols that Window; supports and to implement and manage the services that your users demand. Windows servers implement a full array of TCP/IP network services. Well-known protocols and services such as DNS and DHCP are included, as well as less widely deployed protocols such as OSPF and IPSec. Additionally, Windows servers provide support for proprietary Microsoft networking services and protocols such as CIFS. One of the advantages of using Windows servers is that they do an excellent job of integrating Microsoft network services into an Internet built on...
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