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Windows 2000 Professional Upgrade Little Black Book: Hands-On Guide to Maximizing the New Features of Windows 2000 Professional

Автор: Nathan Wallace
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: [не указан]
This book helps readers make intelligent choices when using the new features of Windows 2000 Professional, including the Active Directory system, NTFS 5 file system, multimedia support, auto repair features, the Internet connection sharing system and much more. Complete guidance on newly introduced technologies to help administrators upgrade or migrate users of Windows 9.x, NT 4, UNIX and Macintosh to Windows 2000 Professional. Unlike other books on the market, this book covers the more advanced featuresof Windows 2000 Professional rather than expounding on the basics. Uses the concise task-oriented approach of our Little Black Books for quickly accessing solutions instead of a longer narrative approach. Written by the best selling author of Windows 2000 Registry Little Black Book (Coriolis ISBN 1-57610-348-X.)
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