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What If Our World Is Their Heaven? The Final Conversations Of Philip K. Dick

Автор: Tim Powers
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 204
ISBN: 1585673781
Book DescriptionIn the field of science fiction, the work of Philip K Dick is unparalleled. His novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? became the classic science-fiction film Blade Runner. His short story, "The Minority Report," was recently adapted for the screen by Stephen Spielberg and stars Tom Cruise. Dick?s appeal and influence has reached the world over, creating the standard for the literary science fiction novel. In November of 1982, six months before the author's death, journalist Gwen Lee recorded the first of several in-depth discussions with Philip K. Dick that continued over the course over the next three months. These extraordinary interviews are filled with the wit and aplomb characteristic of Dick's writing, helping make What If Our World Is Their Heaven? not only an engaging read, but a unique and compelling historical document. It will be a must read for anyone interested in the field of science fiction.
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