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Web Protocols and Practice: HTTP/1.1, Networking Protocols, Caching, and Traffic Measurement

Автор: Balachander Krishnamurthy & Jennifer Rexford
Год: 2001
Издание: Addison-Wesley Professional
Страниц: 672
ISBN: 0201710889
Carefully prepared content gets all the glory, but the job of delivering multimedia information to the people and machines who require it falls to a set of protocols. Web Protocols and Practice explains how resources locate one another on the constantly changing Internet, how they ask for other resources, and how those documents and media are delivered. This comprehensive document does more than any other book around to eliminate vague hand-waving and actually explain how the Internet works . Anyone who's heard explanations along the lines of, "The Domain Name Service resolves the machine name to an IP address" or "The browser makes a POST request" and wanted to scream "But HOW?" will love what Balachander Krishnamurthy and Jennifer Rexford have done in these pages. The authors approach HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and the other protocols covered from an engineering perspective, which is to say that they outline the problems the protocols are meant to solve...
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