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Warrior Mind: Strategy and Philosophy from the Martial Arts

Автор: Dick Morgan
Год: 2009
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 424
ISBN: 1438930488
Warrior Mind is a guide to understanding and developing the warrior's essential mind-set. Warrior mind has three components. The first is inner strength-the development of unassailable integrity, clear intent, and unwavering tenacity. The second is a thorough understanding of the principles of strategy-correct movement and balance, proper angles, proper timing, and proper entry. The third is acquiring body intelligence- a spontaneous flow of movement in response to an attack without having to think about it. Eventually, thought and movement become one expression. Warrior Mind is also a guide to a strong and proactive approach to life itself. The principles that strengthen the warrior mind-set also empower and enrich one's life whether or not one is involved in a martial study. In fact, the goal of developing warrior mind is to become so internally strong that we discourage and minimize the violence around us. Ultimately, achieving warrior mind is a spiritual journey.
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