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Warranties: Planning, Analysis, and Implementation

Автор: James R. Brennan
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0070075670
Warranties are fast becoming a vital part of conducting business in world markets. Here is the first comprehesive guide to show suppliers and customers in both commercial and government sectors how to use warranties as a powerful tool for insuring quality and profitability. Contract specialists, logistics and systems engineers, and marketing professionals will learn how to plan, cost, negotiate, and execute favorable warranty contracts. Beginning with a thorough review of the principles, types, and requirements of warranties, the book goes on to explore the significance of pertinent trade legislation and the future use of warranties in business practice. Detailed guidelines are presented for dealing with such critical issues as performance guarantee, tradeoffs, and cost-effectiveness. Valuable case histories and sample warranty requirements/clauses help clear up all confusion surrounding the warranty process.
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