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Unusual World Coins: Companion Volume to Standard Catalog of World Coins Series

Автор: Colin Bruce Ii
Год: 2008
Издание: Krause Publications
Страниц: 588
ISBN: 0896895769, 9780896895768
Up-to-date and unique - no other guide covers this uncommon area of coin collecting. Get all your unusual world coin information from one source, instead of sorting through multiple sources for details. Explore the area of interest that led to the birth of the Unrecognized States Numismatic Society in 2003. This new edition of Unusual World Coins will help you discover value in the unusual. It provides up-to-date pricing based on collector interest and precious metal prices, plus 6,000 detailed photos - including 1,000 more photos than the previous edition - for easily identifying coins from micro-nations, private artists, governments in exile, as well as fantasy issues and medallic coins. With more than 13,000 listings, this one-of-a-kind reference meets all your uncommon needs.
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