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Transfiguration Cathedral in Yaroslavl

Автор: Анкудинова Елена, Мельник Александр
Год: 2003
Страниц: 104
ISBN: 5944310812
The Transfiguration Cathedral of the Savior Monastery is the oldest surviving stone church in Yaroslavl. Founded before the Mongol Invasion, during the reign of Prince Constantine Vsevlodovich, it was built anew in 1515-1516. The edifice combines traditional forms of old Russian architecture with Italian influence, typical for late 15th - early 1 6th century churches. The story of the building of the cathedral, of its icons and murals, its books and church plate is in many ways unique and contemporary research keeps bringing new discoveries. Saint Macarius, the Metropolitan, Ivan the Terrible, 1 7th century national heroes Cosma Minin and Dmitri Pozharski, the first tzar of the Romanov dynasty Mikhail and the exiled Patriarch Nikon - all those names can be mentioned in connection with the cathedral. Many historians note the role of the Transfiguration Cathedral in discovering the celebrated poem of old Rus "The Lay of Igor's Campaigns The frescoes in the interior of the building are...
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