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Tourism Economics, the Environment and Development: Analysis and Policy

Автор: C. A. Tisdell, Clem Tisdell
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ISBN: 1840642769
Tourism is the world?s largest industry and its fastest growing one. It has the potential to contribute significantly to the economic development of most economies, including those of less developed countries and peripheral economic regions. However, it depends heavily on environmental conditions, natural and man-made, for its market and its sustainability. This book analyzes market and political failures in relation to tourism development and the environment, and the implications of those for national gains from international tourism, for public finance and policy, and for the sustainability of tourism. Particular emphasis is placed on ecotourism and the sustainable use of natural sites, methods of evaluating the sustainability of tourism and the impacts of pollution on tourism. Case studies cover both large and small developing countries e.g. Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India and the Maldives, as well as more developed economies. While some attention is given to the...
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