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Top 100 Tips for Windows 8: Discover the Secrets of Windows 8

Автор: Tim Sievers
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 112
ISBN: 1480149195
Go beyond the basics and discover the Secrets of Windows 8. This straight forward guide is full of practical step-by-step visual instructions. Screen shots help you learn visually and quickly become productive. From the best selling author of the Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks. Hello, Ia??m Tim Sievers. Ia??ve used every Microsoft Operating System (OS) since the days of MS-DOS in the 1980a??s and over the years Ia??ve seen huge improvements in usability and design. However, looking back only one previous version of the OS stands out in my mind as a truly radical re-think of its predecessors, until now. In its day, Windows 95 was a game changer, users no longer had to deal with the dreaded DOS command-line because the user-friendly graphical Desktop was at the forefront of the user experience. After 17 years, Microsoft has dared to re-imagine Windows again. The promotion of the new a??Modern User Interfacea?? (Modern UI) ahead of the Desktop and Microsofta??s push for developers to focus on...
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