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'Tis Treason, My Good Man!: Four Revolutionary Presidents And A Piccadilly Bookshop

Автор: Eric Stockdale
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 421
ISBN: 1584561580
Eric Stockdale's historical work illuminates one of the least known but most interesting corners of history: American propaganda before and during the War of Independence, much of it written by English authors. With unique insight the author takes the reader back to the turbulent years in London just before, during and after the American Revolution. We are introduced to a cast of historic characters, both heroes and villains: Prime Ministers, Attorneys-General, Members of Parliament and 'bloody revolutionaries of the worst sort!' Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, among other radicals, all step forth and take their place in these times 'that try men's souls'. We come to understand the quiet courage and audacity of men like John Almon, John Stockdale and other pro-American booksellers, and the deadly edge of treason they had to tread. We learn about the Byzantine tangle of British politics and the men who pushed England's famed Freedom of the Press to Lord North's and...
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