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The World Wide Web: Strategies and Opportunities for Business

Автор: Debra Cameron
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 1566079594
This invaluable 243-page report explains Web technology and its implementation for marketing, publicity, and E-commerce. From launching a Web site to assessing future Web directions, CTR's report equips information systems (IS) managers with the skills necessary for developing a cohesive Web strategy for their organizations. The report also discusses security risks and emerging transaction security standards. What is the World Wide Web? Why is there a rush to get on the World Wide Web (the Web)?Where did it come from? Who are its users? CTR's report, The World Wide Web: Strategies and Opportunities for Business, is the definitive guide to understanding and exploiting this critical technology. The report explains why the Web is the driving force behind the current explosive growth in Internet use. The growth of the Web, both in terms of users and information servers, is exponential. Between 50 and 100 servers are added to the Web each day. The Web can be defined...
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