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The War Widows

Автор: Leah Fleming
Год: 2008
Издание: Avon
Страниц: 464
ISBN: 9781847560131
When you lose everything you love, you need a friend…When you lose everything you love, you need a friend…Nothing ever happens in sleepy Grimbleton. Until two strangers - both claiming to be the fiancеe of a dead soldier - arrive in town. Susan prides herself on her refined "English" manners - yet her airs and graces hide harrowing memories of her escape from war-torn Burma. Volatile Ana pines for the sunshine of her Greek village - but is forever haunted by her sister's death at the hands of the Nazis'. Enemies at first, Su and Ana soon find themselves united in grief at the loss of Freddie Winstanley - the father of both their children. Freddie's sister Lily takes the women under her wing and soon the circle of friends expands to include Italian Maria, torn between her invalid husband and another man, and uppercrust Diana, whose jolly exterior conceals a secret sorrow. Supported by this new-found sisterhood, Lily dares to dream of spreading her wings away from her...
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