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The Tree in the Middle of the Playground: Writing and Understanding Poetry

Автор: Richard A. Lawson
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 210
ISBN: 1477408045
What happens when a teacher, on the first day of school, takes her class outside and tells them to write a poem? In this collection of poetry and commentary, the students not only write but they fall in love with poetry. And they writea??poems which reflect the uncertain beginnings of the school year to the deeply felt insights at the end. They tell of seeing with fresh eyes, of wondering and of identifying feelings. Ita??s about finding your voice. Each poem is followed by a letter to the student and a commentary which offers interpretation and a discussion of the more technical aspects of poetry. In addition, a writing exercise is also included with each poem which, hopefully, will make that a??blank pagea?? less daunting for aspiring writers. These poems express the sensitivity, insight and the angst of students. Some are funny; some are poignant, but none of them can be dismissed. All will touch your heart.
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