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The Tax Lady's Guide to Beating the IRS and Saving Big Bucks on Your Taxes: Learn How You can Pay Less Money to the IRS by Beating them at their Own Game

Автор: Roni Lynn Deutch
Год: 2009
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 339
ISBN: 1933771771
The United States Federal Tax Code is extremely lengthy and complicated. In some cases, it requires 250 pages of instruction for just one of its paragraphs. Add to that 8 billion pages of 480 different tax forms American taxpayers receive each year from IRS (enough paper to stretch around the earth 28 times) and it's no wonder so many people are intimidated and confused about their taxes. Enter Roni Deutch. Part tax-code savant, part force-of-nature, Roni Deutch is the tax expert that the Internal Revenue Service doesn't want America to know about. The Roni Deutch brand name is well known among American taxpayers but Roni is even better known in the hallways of the IRS where she has spent the past 20 years learning how to make IRS agents quake in their cubicles at the mere mention of her name. But that's only part of the story. Roni Deutch is perhaps more definable as the answer to the primary question on the lips of tax-oppressed people from coast-to-coast: "With the IRS on my...
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