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The Sports Event Management and Marketing Playbook

Автор: Frank Supovitz
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 496
ISBN: 9780471460077
A proven framework to envision, plan, fund, and produce sports events The authoritative guide to sports event management and marketing "To know how to orchestrate a sports event is to know how our industry works. The NHL, under Frank Supovitz?s stewardship, has been a consistent leader at making its events grow its business and enhance its brand." ?Mike Golub, Senior Vice President of Business Operations for the NBA Memphis Grizzlies "Only with the right strategic plan can sports events maximize the revenues for organizers and host venues, and drive exposure for sponsor partners. This guide offers practical advice to ensure you come up with a winning formula." ?Mark Bisson, Editor, Stadia magazine "The Sports Event Management and Marketing Playbook is a step–by–step guide designed to help you stage events that surpass their goals, whether at your community?s recreation center or in front of a worldwide television audience." ?Wayne Gretzky The Sports Event...
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