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The Sociology of Job Training, Volume 12 (Research in the Sociology of Work)

Автор: David Bills
Год: 2003
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ISBN: 0762308869
Book DescriptionHardbound. How workers learn how to do their jobs is central to an understanding of the changing nature of work in post-industrial society. The role of job or worker training has, however, been underdeveloped in sociological theories of work and the labor market. By most accounts, the ongoing penetration of information technology into the workplace, a transformed socioeconomic lifecourse, managerial preferences for high performance organizations, and the globalization of labor markets have collectively rendered traditional models of skill acquisition badly outmoded. This volume offers sophisticated sociological analyses of job training that go well beyond standard accounts of general versus specific skills and overly simple assumptions about employer and worker behavior. The chapters examine such topics as the incentives available to employers to provide training, socially structured inequalities in access to training, and cross-societal differences in t
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