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The Sociology of Education and Work

Автор: David B. Bills
Год: 2005
Издание: Blackwell Publishing, Inc
Страниц: 252
ISBN: 9780631223627, 9780631223634
The Sociology of Education and Work is a clear and engaging study of the links between schooling and the workplace in modern society. It explains, in accessible and lively prose, how these links have developed over time, what broad social trends are transforming them now, and offers some empirically-based projections about how these relationships are likely to develop in the future. Examines links between schooling and the modern workplace, from a sociological perspective. Combines and analyzes theory and studies in the sociology of education and the sociology of work. Includes case studies to illustrate conclusions drawn from a combined study of education and work. Written in a concise, readable format for students.
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