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The Snow Goose and Other Stories: Level 3 ( + CD, CD-ROM)

Автор: Paul Gallico
Год: 2007
Страниц: 76
ISBN: 9781405852159, 1405852151
THE SNOW GOOSE is the most famous of these three stories by Paul Gallico. It is the story of Philip, a lonely painter who lives in an old lighthouse, and Fritha, a young girl who brings him a large white bird - the snow goose. It becomes a special bird in Philip's life - and later; the girl becomes special too. Penguin Active Reading provides reading and language learning at five levels, through full-colour, beautifully illustrated Readers. As well as enjoyable stories and texts, each book provides a range of integrated activities designed to develop reading skills and consolidate vocabulary, and offers personalised project work. Each book is supported by an interactive CD-ROM which contains additional ctivities and the complete audio recording.
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