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The Route of Parmenides: A New Revised Edition with a New Introduction, Three Additional Essays and a Previously Unpublished Paper by Gregory Vlastos

Автор: Alexander P. D. Mourelatos
Год: 2008
Издание: Parmenides Publishing
Страниц: 470
ISBN: 1930972113
In this careful study of the fragments of Parmenides' hexameter poem, "On Nature", Alexander P. D. Mourelatos combines traditional philological reconstruction with the approaches of literary criticism and philosophical analysis to reveal the thought structure and expressive unity of the best preserved, most important and coherent text of Greek philosophy before Plato. The author shows how Parmenides' deduction of the signposts and bounds of what-is critically defines the concept of reality implicit in Greek-cognitive vocabulary and in early speculative cosmologies. He interprets the second part of the poem, the Doxa, as a cosmology designed to bring out both similarities and contrasts with Parmenides' own doctrine of what-is. The Doxa thus serves as a semantic commentary on the first part, the Truth. Mourelatos' discussions of the concepts of persuasion, fidelity, opinion, belief, and appearance elucidate terms strategically important for interpreting Parmenides and contribute in the...
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