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The Real Estate Agent's Guide To Using The Equator Short Sale Website: Discover How to Receive Short Sale Approvals in 60 Days or Less Using the Equator Short Sale Website.

Автор: Mark A Stafford
Год: 2011

Страниц: 118
ISBN: 1456542508
The Equator short sale website makes it much easier for real estate agents to negotiate short sales yet some agents are finding this short sale process very frustrating. Bank of America contracted with REOTrans, an REO processing company, in late 2009. They changed the name of the website to Equator and added a short sale module to attempt to streamline the short sale process. The tools that are in the Equator short sale website actually make it easier for agents to submit short sale documents and follow the process all the way to approval. "The Real Estate Agents Guide to Using the Equator Website" cuts through all the false information about how to do a short sale and will outline a simple system that most agents can use to increase their short sale approvals to over 80% on the Equator website and also with traditional short sales. With 7 or 8 out of every 10 short sales currently failing in the US, this book will give you the system and tools to rise above the rest...
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