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The Problems and Promise of Commercial Society: Adam Smith's Response to Rousseau

Автор: Dennis Carl Rasmussen
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 192
ISBN: 0271033487
"Dennis Rasmussen has written a fine book on Adam Smith's defense of commercial society as a response to Rousseau. As Rasmussen demonstrates, Smith not only took Rousseau's critique of commercial society seriously, but evinced a surprising degree of sympay with it. By reviving Smith's dialogue with Rousseau, Rasmussen not only examines an important episode in the history of political thought, but engages a debate over the benefits and drawbacks of commercial society that continues today."-John T. Scott, Uversity of California, Davis "We have hitherto lacked a systematic and sophisticated book-length analysis of the relation between Smith and Rousseau. These two near contemporaries addressed many of the same issues-such as the emergence of capitalism, the lation between the free market and morals, the relation of commerce to politics, the nature of sympathy or empathy, and the relation of the philosopher to the modern liberal order-and yet often came to opposing conclusions. Dennis...
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