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The Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted: Guided Lessons for Beginners and Experienced Artists

Автор: Kathleen Staiger
Год: 2006
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 176
ISBN: 0823032590
Did you ever wish you could go to a really good art school and learn how to paint in oil? Or perhaps you have painted for years and are still struggling with color mixing and wish you could find a good teacher to help. In the Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted, author Kathleen Staiger gives you a complete painting course you can take at home. Crystal clear, step-by-step lessons build from learning about light and shadow, brush control, and foolproof color mixing, to still life painting, landscapes, and portraits?every topic is covered in clear text, diagrams, illustrations, and demonstrations, with guided projects in every lesson. Tips and extra help sections appear throughout the book to help with common problems. Staiger has taught oil painting for more than thirty-five years; many of her students are now exhibiting and selling their paintings. Every painter from beginning hobby painters to BFA graduates has questions. Here atlast are the answers!
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