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The Official Patient's Sourcebook On Tinnitus: Directory For The Internet Age

Автор: ICON Health Pub.
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 436
ISBN: 0597842000
Book DescriptionThis is a "must have" reference book for patients, parents, caregivers, and libraries with medical collections. This sourcebook is organized into three parts. Part I explores basic techniques to researching tinnitus (e.g. finding guidelines on diagnosis, treatments, and prognosis), followed by a number of topics, including information on how to get in touch with organizations, associations, or other patient networks dedicated to tinnitus. It also gives you sources of information that can help you find a doctor in your local area specializing in treating tinnitus. Collectively, the material presented in Part I is a complete primer on basic research topics for patients with tinnitus. Part II moves on to advanced research dedicated to tinnitus. Part II is intended for those willing to invest many hours of hard work and study. It is here that we direct you to the latest scientific and applied research on tinnitus. When possible, contact names, links via the Internet, and...
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