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The Nightingale & the Rose: Stage 3: Pupil's Book (Reader + CD + DVD/DVD-ROM)

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2008
Издание: Express Publishing
Страниц: 56
ISBN: 1845586042
"Storytime Readers" is a series of storybooks especially designed to provide easy and enjoyable reading practice. They have been carefully graded into three stages and have been written in a way that will help teachers to use them as plays, thus providing an early introduction to drama as a means of learning. "Storytime Readers" tell tales of friendship, trust, family loyalty, kindness and love using colourful illustrations and dramatised audio CDs to stimulate the imagination of the pupils and encourage them to explore the wonderful world of the English language through literature, poetry and drama. Read the story of a romantic nightingale seeking a red rose while listening to the audio CD, watch the video on a DVD player, and play the interactive games on the computer! Retold by Jenny Dooley & Charles Lloid. Размер коробки: 20 см х 25 см.
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