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The Music in Me: Pieces for piano, percussion, brass quintet, SATB vocals and string quartet.

Автор: Oscar Jr Williams
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 76
ISBN: 1249851637
Music in Me is a compilation of three compositions that reflects the music and sound that influence my writing and arranging. The concept of Music in Me, comes from my experience in many different genres throughout my musical career. I started in classical music, taking lessons at the age eight, but was soon assigned to play for my Pentecostal church. In High School, I was exposed to showtunes and appeared as Musical Director in my first musical theater show, Ain't Misbehavin. After years of performing in several venues from jazz clubs to cathedrals in Rome, my compositional style has greatly developed and matured. Music in Me is a conglomeration of classic style, 21st century style and music theater style. In the first piece Music in Me, my approach was to utilize a variety of percussion instruments that use a part of the body to make the sound. The story of this piece is about the creation of man and woman....
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