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The Millionaire's Club: How to Start and Run Your Own Investment Club, and Make Your Money Grow

Автор: Carolyn M. Brown
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0471369381
"Individuals have found that investment clubs are a wonderful introduction to the stock market. The first step is to get started, and Carolyn Brown has made it easy."?Kenneth S. Janke, President and CEO, National Association of Investors Corporation The Millionaires? Club expertly teaches the essentials of running an investment club. Comprehensive without being complicated, this easy-to-follow guide covers everything from choosing a broker and running effective meetings to investing online and analyzing your club?s results. You?ll discover how to start the club that works best for you. The Millionaires? Club will show you how to: Recruit members and develop an investment strategy Form your club?s legal structure and design operating procedures Tackle record keeping and other taxing issues Research securities like the pros Use the Internet and the news to uncover helpful data Invest beyond...
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