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The Lovecraft Lexicon: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H.P. Lovecraft

Автор: Anthony Brainard Pearsall
Год: 2005
Издание: New Falcon Publications
Страниц: 480
ISBN: 1561841293
For decades, H.P Lovecraft's horror stories - such as The Dunwich Horror and The Call of Cthulhu - have intrigued and horrified readers from all over the world. But Lovecraft's world is filled with a daunting array of bizarre and obscure characters, monsters, places and "things" which can be quite a task for anyone to sort out. Anthony Pearsall has done just that. From "Abbadon" (a demon in The Nameless City) to "Zuro" (a river in The Quest of Iranon), Pearsall has meticulously covered hundreds of the People, Places and Things-That-Go-Bump-In-The-Night in Lovecraft's writings. The Lexicon also includes quite a bit about Lovecraft himself, as well as many of the People, Places and Things which influenced his life and his writings. And if that weren't enough, a special Appendix details one of Lovecraft's recurrent themes: "Caves, Caverns, Wells & Abysses." A "must have" for all fans of Lovecraft's work.
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