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The Leper of Saint Giles: The Cadfael Chronicles V

Автор: Ellis Peters
Год: 2011
Издание: Sphere
Страниц: 288
ISBN: 9780751547122
Brother Cadfael sets out to visit the Saint Giles leper colony outside Shrewsbury, knowing that a grand wedding is due to take place at the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. As he arrives at Saint Giles the nuptial party passes the colony's gates. He sees the fragile bride - looking like a prisoner between her two stern guardians - and the groom, an arrogant, fleshy aristocrat old enough to be her grandfather. With his usual astuteness, Cadfael suspects that this union may be more damned than blessed. He is proved morbidly right when a savage murder disrupts the marriage, leaving Cadfael with a dark, terrible mystery to solve. The key to the killing is hidden among the lepers of Saint Giles. Brother Cadfael's skills must diagnose a sickness, not of the body, but of a twisted soul.
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