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The Leadership Practices Inventory-Individual Contributor (LPI-IC)-Facilitator's Guide Package Set, 2nd Edition, Revised, Includes Facilitator's Guide ... Software (The Leadership Practices Inventory)

Автор: James M. Kouzes
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ISBN: 0787956619
Leadership is learnable and teachable . . . for everyone! Leadership skills are essential for individuals at any level of an organization. Improve your leadership skills with Leadership Practices Inventory-Individual Contributor (LPI-IC) --a powerful tool designed specially for nonmanagers. The LPI-IC Facilitator's Guide outlines a detailed workshop design, including pre-work requirements and instructions for administering, processing, and scoring the instruments. It contains everything you need to facilitate the LPI-IC program: LPI-IC Self allows you to rate your performance and effectiveness as a leader. The accompanying Participant's Workbook includes a worksheet to help interpret feedback, compare scores, share feedback, and then get results LPI-IC Observer provides a balanced picture of leadership traits and allows for constructive discussion of ways to improve Windows-based ...
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