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The Law of Medical Negligence in England and Germany

Автор: Marc Stauch
Год: 2008
Издание: Hart Publishing
Страниц: 182
ISBN: 9781841136462
This book presents a unique comparative analysis of English and German legal systems of medical negligence. It offers a timely and topical subject. It will be of interest to comparative lawyers, tort and medical lawyers and practising lawyers working in these areas.This new work adds to the theoretical understanding and discussion of possible solutions to various conceptual and practical problems that arise within the field of medical negligence - an area whose legal treatment is perceived, both in England and Germany, as containing a number of special difficulties and shortcomings. In addition it seeks to make a contribution to the developing field of comparative law, by employing a detailed and closely focused analytical approach in a tightly defined subject area. These twin aims serve to reveal the similarities and differences between two legal cultures in a particularly clear and striking way.The book offers an analysis which is neutral as between the English and German...
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