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The Ice Shadows of Arna (The Snowtear Wars, Book 2)

Автор: Scot R. Stone
Год: 2005
Издание: Behler Publications
Страниц: 500
ISBN: 193301606, 193301606X, 193301606X
Two years have passed since the great grassland war of the Waungee. Baron Oreus Blake and King Noran Yorokoh face one of their worst nightmares when those closest to them are taken prisoner by banished convicts into the dangerous and frigid ice lands of Arna. During their chase, they discover the precious and curative snowtears still exist and much more may be at stake for the kingdom than they at first realized. While away on their struggles to the far north, a deadly black fever isspreading throughout the territories and a devastating fire has scorched and killed three of the ancient, sequera tree homes, including the Yawranan prophets who resided within. General Rydor Regoria and Chief Braiy Decker are the best remaining hope to solve the two mysteries and the murderous plot trails left behind.
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