Железнодорожный транспорт

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The Future of Intermodal Freight Transport: Operations, Design and Policy

Автор: Hugo Priemus, Peter Nijkamp
Год: 2008
Издание: Edward Elgar Publishing
Страниц: 343
ISBN: 1845422384
This book explores the numerous challenges to increase the use of intermodal transport systems in freight transport. In view of the current dominant role of road transport and the increasing difficulties in coping with growing number of vehicles in an efficient and sustainable way, intermodal freight transport could be considered a viable alternative. However, the book makes recognition of the fact that there is still a need to improve the performance of the intermodal transport system. The expert contributors provide an overview of the present role of intermodal freight transport, address opportunities to significantly improve current performance, and demonstrate design and modelling tools used to analyse and support this performance. Requirements for the implementation of intermodal innovations are also prescribed, and policies needed to improve competitiveness are outlined.Many factors contributing to the performance and competitiveness of intermodal freight transport are explored,...
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