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The Face of Haiti: encouraging survivors through portrait sketches after the earthquake of 2010

Автор: Phoebe Keeran
Год: 2010
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 152
ISBN: 1456505769
This book came into being as an idea after the author-artist returned from Haiti. She was there in two periods: April to June and September to December, following the earthquake that occurred in January 2010. Because Phoebe loves to create portraits, she decided that part of her work of encouraging the people would be to sketch their portraits using a ball-point ink pen. She asked them to sit for the sketches while she engaged them in discussion about their thoughts and feelings. In this way, drawing on her background as a counselor, she was able to combine art and therapy. On completion of each portrait, she presented the sketch as a gift to each person. As circumstances allowed, she took photos of the people and the sketches. The collection presented in this book includes faces of the people of Haiti, examples of the sketch work, and shows how the people were encouraged in the cities of Saint Marc and Port-au-Prince.
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