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The Epic of Gilgamesh

Автор: Morris Jastrow Jr., Albert T. Clay
Год: 2010
Издание: IndoEuropeanPublishing.com
Страниц: 142
ISBN: 1604443030
"The Epic of Gilgamesh" is an ancient poem from Mesopotamia (present day Iraq, as well as southeast Turkey, Syria, and southwest Iran) and is among the earliest known works of literature. Scholars believe that it originated as a series of Sumerian legends and poems about the mythological hero-king Gilgamesh, which were gathered into a longer Akkadian epic much later. The most complete version existing today is preserved on 12 clay tablets from the library collection of 7th-century BC Assyrian king Ashurbanipal. It was originally titled He who Saw the Deep (Sha naqba imuru) or Surpassing All Other Kings (Shutur eli sharri). Gilgamesh was probably a real ruler in the late Early Dynastic II period (ca. 27th century BC). The story revolves around a relationship between Gilgamesh and his close companion, Enkidu. Enkidu is a wild man created by the gods as Gilgamesh's equal to distract him from oppressing the citizens of Uruk. Together they undertake dangerous quests that incur the...
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