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The End of Office Politics as Usual: A Complete Strategy for Creating a More Productive and Profitable Organization

Автор: Lawrence B. MacGregor Serven
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ISBN: 0814406645
The single greatest impediment to an organization's success isn't any outside threat--it's internal divisiveness and political wrangling. Now, at last, a refreshingly intelligent book shows how to rid your organization of the "politics as usual" that stifles top performance. Most of us would place office politics in the same category as death and taxes-- a painful and inevitable fact of life. This book, however, addresses politics as a serious business issue. Through eye-opening research and real-life stories, this frank book illustrates the crippling effects of infighting and backbiting on productivity, morale, and the ultimate market value of the enterprise itself. The author's blueprint goes far beyond typical band-aid remedies. He shows readers how to analyze and transform both the "soft" corporate values and the "hard" ingrained processes that allow politics to flourish. His strategic approach will help any company materially improve its performance. For once,...
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