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The Dickens Circle, a Narrative of the Novelist's Friendships

Автор: J. W. T. Ley
Год: 2010
Издание: Forgotten Books
Страниц: 514
ISBN: 1451004087
There is no surer test of a man's character than to ask, "Who are his friends?" For the unworthy man does not hold the friendship of worthy men. Few men come out of the test better than Charles Dickens. Many other great men have had big circles; many Davids have had their Jonathans; but no man ever had a bigger or more notable circle, and none was ever more loved by those who were admitted to his friendship. He had, indeed, the capacity for friendship in a superlative degree. Of the attractiveness of his personality many have written in terms of enthusiasm. They all bear testimony to the truth of Forster's declaration: "His place was not to be filled by any other. To the most trivial talk he gave the attraction of his own character."
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