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The Delft Systems Approach: Analysis and Design of Industrial Systems

Автор: Hans P. M. Veeke, Jaap A. Ottjes, Gabriel Lodewijks
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 223
ISBN: 1848001762
The pace of development in knowledge and know-how in the Organisation Sciences, Logistics and Information Technology is rapid. However, the gap between those who practice these sciences and the practicing manager is becoming larger rather than smaller. The Delft Systems Approach sets out to close the gap between theory and practice, and to achieve the following goals: To improve the conception of a design in order to obtain a better match between expected and real operation of a (future) industrial system. To integrate structural and behavioural conceptions of a system to be designed. To support the communication between different specialists, both being involved in the same processes and projects. To guide managers in applying this knowledge to the problems with which they are confronted in practice. To communicate knowledge and understanding of that part of Systems Theory, which will enable managers to further improve their performance and/or to reduce their...
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