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The Complete Fortune Teller

Автор: Marc Lemezma
Год: 2007
Издание: Gramercy
Страниц: 128
ISBN: 051723050, 051723050X, 051723050X
Learn to read the future with this lavishly illustrated guide to all the most popular methods of fortune-telling, including: Astrology Tarot Cards Palmistry Rune Divination Clairvoyance Cartomancy Scrying and much more! Aspiring fortune tellers can learn how to discern the different hand types associated with palmistry; construct a reading for one's self or others using the ancient runes; learn several basic spreads for fortune telling with a regular deck of cards; use physiognomy (the study of the face) in conjunction with astrological readings; and understand more advanced spreads for use with Tarot cards. "The Complete Fortune Teller" is filled with practical advice on performing your own readings, setting the scene, and getting the best from the complete mystical experience. There are also sections on more esoteric fortune telling methods, a list of helpful websites and books for further...
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