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The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek: Volume 5: Good Money: Part 1: The New World

Автор: F. A. Hayek
Год: 1999
Издание: University of Chicago Press
Страниц: 268
ISBN: 0226320952
The latest volumes in "The Collected Works of F.A.Hayek" concentrate on Hayek's work on money and monetary policy. In anticipation of the centenary of his birth, these volumes bring forth some of the economist's most distinguished articles onmonetary policy and offer another vital addition to the collection of Hayek's life work. "Good Money: Part I: The New World" includes seven of Hayek's articles from the 1920s that were written largely in reaction to the work of Irving Fisherand W.C.Mitchell. Hayek encountered Fisher's work on the quantity theory of money and Mitchell's studies on business cycles during a U.S. visit in 1923-24. These articles attack the idea that price stabilization was consistent with the stabilization offoreign exchange and foreshadow Hayek's general critique that the whole of an economy is not simply the sum of its parts. "Good Money: Part II: The Standard" offers five more of Hayek's articles that advance his ideas about money. In these essays, Hayek...
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