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The Choices We Make Dictate the Life We Lead: 105 Lessons To Help You Make The Right Choices

Автор: Eric M. Daniels
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 120
ISBN: 1477271074
We all have choices to make. What we sometimes fail to realize is that with each choice comes a consequence. Eric Daniels has put together a short compilation of his life story, the choices he made, and the life he has led as a result of those choices. Some choices were good ones and some were not so good, but each choice taught a lesson. If the reader takes even a few of these lessons and applies them to their own life, then the time spent reading this book will be more than worth it. In all, Daniels has 105 lessons. All the lessons keep bringing the reader back to the biggest lesson of all; "The Choices We Make, Dictate The Life We Lead" Serious, funny, sad, and extremely real, this life story will keep you entertained as you learn what choices are all about.
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