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The Art of Contrary Thinking

Автор: Humphrey B. Neill
Год: 2010
Издание: Caxton Press
Страниц: 216
ISBN: 9780870041105
"When everybody thinks alike, Everyone is likely to be wrong." The ten words quoted above are, according to Humphrey B. Neill, a potent factor behind the economic booms and busts that blight our civilization. "The Mississippi Bubble," Holland's incredible "Tulipmania," and the New York stock market crash in 1929 are historic examples of disasters magnified and hastened by the pressure of mass opinion. In exactly the opposite direction, in the years immediately following the close of World War II, ominous popular forecasts of business recession turned out to be wrong. What actually happened was-a business boom, not a business bust! The reason is no mystery to anyone versed in the contrary way of thought-the practical application of the Neill Theory of Contrary Opinion. Today, this theory-which began as one man's quest for a way to solve the puzzles of economic trends-has expanded enormously in both scope and significance. In "The Art of Contrary Thinking"...
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