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The AMA Trainers' Activity Book: A Selection of the Best Learning Exercises from the World's Premiere Training Organization

Автор: Carolyn Nilson, American Management Association
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ISBN: 0814408141
No one knows training better than the American Management Association. Since 1923, the business community has turned to AMA for practical training and business tools to improve individual and organizational performance. Now, for the first time, the most successful exercises and training techniques used by this preeminent organization's seminar leaders have been collected in The AMA Trainers' Activity Book. Readers will find 25 activities on topics including: * Getting from Seminar to Workplace * Learning and Creativity * Communication and Connection * Influence, Compromise, and Problem Solving * Management and Leadership A special activity template gives readers all the information they need at a glance. Easily adapted for use with both individuals and teams, these exercises represent the combined efforts of the very best the industry has to offer.
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