Тренерское мастерство (теория и методика обучения)

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Автор: Brock Babin
Год: 2010
Издание: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 60
ISBN: 9783838378046
This study determined the accuracy of non-exercise VO2max prediction equations with measured maximal oxygen uptake values in long distance runners. Eight male volunteer ULM cross country athletes performed a VO2max test and had their body composition measured utilizing the three site Jackson-Pollock skinfolds equation. The participants completed a modified version of the physical activity rating questionnaire to assess physical activity for the previous month. Activity levels included values for sedentary lifestyle (PA-R = 0) to running 60 miles per week (PA-R = 14). Non-parametric (Spearman''s rho) correlations were used to analyze relationships between measured VO2max values and non-exercise prediction equations. The correlation between measured VO2max values and a multiple regression equation, featuring body mass index and the runners'' physical activity rating (PA-R) was significant (r = .762) at the p ...
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