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The 80/20 Guide To Acing The A+ Exams (80/20)

Автор: Jean Andrews
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 219
ISBN: 0619288507
Covers the most commonly missed questions on the A+ exams. Contains a discount worth $120 off both A+ exams at Thomson Prometric. Includes a free CertBlasterA® exam prep software download, which retails for $70. The 80/20 Guide to Acing the A+ Exams is squarely aimed at individuals studying for the A+ Core Hardware and OS Technologies exams. Using analytical test data, we've honed in on the material covered in the questions most often missed on both exams. This book gives the readers the edge they need to pass their A+ Core Hardware and OS Technologies exams. The 80/20 Series also includes $190 in additional value: 40% discount coupons for both A+ exams at Thomson Prometric (a combined $120 value); CertBlaster exam prep software download (a $70 value?that includes four timed practice exams). Using the results from these practice exams, CertBlaster creates a personalized learning path to help users focus on what they don't know. Additional practice drills are also...
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