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Ten Men, a ?Flying Boxcar,? and a War : A Journal of B-24 Crew 313, 1944 to 1945

Автор: Emmett G. (Mac) Mackenzie
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 232
ISBN: 059534738, 059534738X, 059534738X
Book Description? the simple fact is that ten men, boy?s really, came together out of nowhere did what was asked of them, and returned to their nowhere?. These are the no-nonsense words of Crew 313?s navigator, Mike Ozckus,that hint at the camaraderie, skill, danger, and sacrifice required for missions over Nazi-occupied Europe in the B-24 heavy bomber, known not-so-affectionately as the ?Flying Boxcar?. Nose gunner, Emmett (Mac) MacKenzie weaves the memories of his crewmembers with historical accounts about air combat during the Second World War. Every daunting mission demanded heroism, yet Ozckus modestly wrote that their actions wouldn?t warrant even a ?footnote in history?. Crew 313 is thestory of ordinary Americans who answered their county?s call to do the extraordinary. Mackenzie brings their history alive in this testament to courage.
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