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SuperFoods HealthStyle: Simple Changes to Get the Most Out of Life for the Rest of Your Life

Автор: Steven Pratt, Kathy Matthews
Год: 2007
Издание: Harper Paperbacks
Страниц: 352
ISBN: 0060755490
The 21st-century program for promoting vigor, preventing disease, and extending your lifespan Don't rely on genetics and luck - let SuperFoods HealthStyle be your guide to a longer, healthier, better life! Like its bestselling predecessor, SuperFoods Rx, SuperFoods HealthStyle translates the most recent cutting-edge research into simple recommendations that you can use to vastly improve your physical and mental health. And now there are 10 more SuperFoods to add to the original list of 14: - Avocados - Cinnamon - Dark Chocolate - Dates - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Garlic - Honey - Kiwi - Onions - Pomegranates With SuperFoods HealthStyle you'll learn: - How ordinary spices like black pepper and cinnamon can make you healthier - How poor sleep habits could be sabotaging your overall health - How the simplest imaginable exercise program can be the most effective - Why paying attention to one...
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