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# SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet Book01: Profitable Training by Optimizing Your Customer and Partner Education Organization

Автор: Terry Lydon, Mitchell Levy
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 114
ISBN: 1616990740
Every organization, large or small, expends time and resources in training its partners, vendors, and customers. This is only natural, since it is in the best interest of any organization that its product or service be optimally deployed or consumed. When the value and utility of a company's offering becomes fully appreciated by all stakeholders, then the road to success in marketing and selling becomes that much smoother. In spite of this being common knowledge, training efforts are often less than fruitful because a company's partner or vendor education organization is either loosely structured or not leveraged to its full potential. Training efforts therefore tend to pack a lighter punch than they should, or could. With the right knowledge and insights, companies can streamline processes, increase revenues, and reduce expenses for their customer and partner education organization. In their latest book, #SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet Book01: Profitable Training by...
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